Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) is a non-profiteering, non-partisan and non-political organization. It is a pragmatic organization dedicated for the promotion, protection and implementation of Right to Information laws, nationally. CCRI is registered with the Office of District Administration, Kathmandu on 28 July, 2007 and affiliated to the Office of Social Welfare Council as Non-government Organization (NGO). It is located at Buddha Nagar, Kathamandu. CCRI used to be a loose network of different NGOs and INGOs having concern on Right to Information before it was legally registered as an NGO.


The ultimate aim of CCRI is to empower people and to strengthen democracy, through promotion of Right to Information. CCRI works with the following objectives:
  • To conduct research for promotion and protection of Right to Information;
  • To provide the procedural support to needy people exercising Right to Information;
  • To create awareness about importance of Right to Information among all stakeholders;
  • To monitor the situation implementation of Right to Information in Nepal;
  • To lobby and campaign for the establishment and adoption of required institutional as well as legal instruments and mechanisms to promote Right to Information; and
  • To promote good governance and transparency through the use of Right to Information tools.


Since Right to Information is the fundamental right of the people, mission of CCRI is to work, in all possible ways to safeguard the rights of citizens in full adherence of modern democratic norms and values through different activities viz. research, training, workshop, publication of advocacy materials, radio program, etc. It is widely accepted fact that issues of the protection of right to information cannot be addressed and materialized without the vibrant civic movement especially, in the transitional Nepalese society. Thus, CCRI is dedicated to orient Nepalese orthodox administrative and social mindset towards open and transparent information culture.


CCRI envisions Nepalese society as a transparent and open. Government agencies as well as public agencies are expected to be very proactive for maximum discloser of public information. Every citizen will be aware and all stakeholders will respect the fundamental information right.

Board Members

Present Executive Board of the CCRI is composed of following members. The tenure of members is of two years according to the constitution of the organization. 
President: Mr. Taranath Dahal
Vice-President: Mr. Nayan Bahadur Khadka
General Secretary: Mr. Santosh Sigdel
Treasurer: Mr. Balaram Dahal
Executive Members: Mr. Bhola Nath Dhungana
Mr. Anirudra Neupane
Ms. Rukamanee Maharjan
Executive Director:  
Information Officer: Miss Shristhi Sapkota

Contact Us

Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) 
Post Box No - 554 
Siddhartha Marga, House No 405 
Buddhanagar, Kathmandu 
Phone: 977-14786424 
Fax: 977-14781312