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International Right to Know Day Celebrated


05 October, 2010 -

Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) and National Information Commission (NIC) jointly celebrated the International Right to Know Day in Nepal on 28th September 2010. The day was marked with the primary objective of creating massive awareness to the public on Right to Information. Likewise, this campaign also aimed at empowering public on their constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right. On the occasion Information Booths were set up in the capital City Kathmandu to raise awareness among general citizen about the right to information.


CCRI and NIC has set two information booths in the busiest hub of the city, Basantapur Durbar Square. CCRI has conducted orientation training for the volunteers who were present in the booth to assist visitors. Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Vinaya Kasajoo inaugurated the booths. Commissioners Mr. Shree Acharya and Ms. Sabita Bhandari Baral along with NIC Secretary Ms. Bindra Bhattarai Hada were also present in the program. Publications prepared by CCRI and NIC including posters, leaflets were disseminated from the information booth. Similarly, RTI songs, RTI Radio dramas, PSAs and Radio programs were played in the Program. More than 6000 people visited the information booths and inquired about the right to know day and right to information. The visitors included professionals, students, laborers, housewives, government officials, security personnel, professors, teachers, lawyers, journalists and general citizens.


Most of the visitors expressed their astonishment about international right to know day and their ignorance about right to information. Similarly, a number of visitors also shared their problems encountered during assessing information in public agencies and inquired about possible solutions. Volunteers on the booth provided specific information on case by case basis to those visitors on process and method of obtaining information. Most of the visitors appreciated the role of CCRI and NIC and suggested the organizers to continue such awareness drive for the promotion and protection of 'new right'.