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Second Meeting of National Coalition on RTI held in Banke


09 March, 2015 -

A One-Day Meeting with Strategic Partners, Partner CSOs and organization working on RTI for forming a National Coalition on RTI was held on 10th March, 2015 in Banke District of Nepal.
The Meeting aimed at building strong network among organizations working on RTI, transparency and accountability in Nepal. 39 representatives of 16 different districts from Mid-Western and Far-Western Development Regions participated in the Meeting.
Mr. Tanka Aryal, Executive Director of CCRI welcomed and briefly presented how CCRI has been working in strategic partnership with 8 different organizations to promote RTI. Mr. Aryal highlighted the importance of working together and described the objectives of this coalition meeting.
Advocate, Mr. Biswajeet Tiwari described about the importance of coalition of organizations working on RTI. Mr. Tiwari highlighted some cases where RTI Activist received harassment and security challenges in the course of seeking information. The coalition will serve as experience sharing platform among the members and protecting and defending each other while practicing RTI, Mr. Tiwari explained.
Mr. Tiwaril briefed that the meeting aimed at sensitizing and stimulating the stakeholders CSOs to have a national coalition on RTI will ultimately establish a well-working network for the promotion of RTI with a collaborative effort.
The session was subsequently followed by an open-floor for sharing of the experiences related to RTI by the participants. The participants shared about several experience being have campaigned on behalf of RTI in their respective areas. All the participants expressed their interest to become a part of the Coalition and promote RTI.
After the open discussion, Mr. Taranath Dahal instructed the participants on how RTI can be used effectively. He also advised the participants to intervene different sectors by the strategic use of RTI hence develop a sectoral expertise. Further, Mr. Dahal also called for jointly condemning and discouraging threats against the safety of RTI Activists. Further, Mr. Dahal also guided to seek information like the Meeting Minutes of the District Councils, annual plans and programs, audit reports of respective districts from Office of the Auditor General that serve as basic documents to which people have their primary concern at.
The Meeting concluded after developing, discussing and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among the participants.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) basically focuses on the following issues:
a.       Members of the Coalition abiding by RTI laws themselves.
b.      Awareness rising in the public about RTI, its uses and importance followed by the delivery of necessary support.
c.       Supporting and collaborating with public agencies for developing an RTI enabling environment.
Cooperating with other members of the coalition.