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Five days-long RTI Training for Mediators held in Hetauda


22 April, 2015 -

A five-day long training for the mediators from different districts on the Right to Information (RTI) Act and access to information was held in Hetauda, Makwanpur from 16 - 20 April 2015. The training organized jointly the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu and the Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) Kathmandu was attended by a total of 27mediators including thirteen women from Makwanpur, Parsa and Chitwan districts. 

The objective of the training was to broaden awareness of participants about the concept and importance of Right to Information;make participants appreciate the linkages between the right to information and democracy, accountable governance, sustainable and inclusive development, realization of other human rights and combating corruption; to make participants understand about the legal regime of RTI in Nepal including salient features and the processes for seeking and receiving information under the Right to Information Act 2007 and Regulation 2009; to enhance the capacity of participants to identify different issues to file RTI and to draft RTI application and complaint and to share to the experiences of effective use of RTI laws for public and personal benefit in Nepal and other countries and to provide knowledge to participants for collaborating with National Information Commission, RTI Centre and other stakeholders to implement RTI and to motivate and provide knowledge to participants to organize RTI awareness raising and practicing campaign in districts in coalition.They were trained on the RTI Act in Nepal, its importance in their daily lives and procedure to claim their rights utilizing RTI. The training followed multi-dimensional methods as discussion, presentation, screening documentaries, sharing experiences and group exercises. 

Mr. Taranath Dahal, an RTI expert and Chairperson of CCRI, Mr. Tanka Aryal, Executive Director of CCRI of CCRI and Mr. NodanathTrital, Project Officer from Freedom Forum jointly facilitated the training. 

Through comprehensive interaction, showing video documentaries and discussion on the provisions of the RTI Act and Regulation contributed to make participants familiar with the legal provisions and make them enable to use the Act and Regulation. During the training participants were divided in to five groups and each groups prepared 'sixApplications' asking information from the concerned public agencies(i.e. 5 government offices and one NGO) and they went to these public agencies to submit the applications as a practical work during the training session. The participants shared their experience in their field exercise during information process on what they want to get from the public agencies including the existing practice of getting the information.

Participants shared that they found the training much relevant and effective. They were of the opinions that they heard much about RTI but have never gone to the depth. SararswotiBhatta, one of the participants from Chitwanrealized that RTI must be a part of life of community people. Ignorance of RTI is the ignorance of good governance, he added, exercising the RTI Act plays a significant role for development of corruption free and misuse of power. She expressed her commitment to continue the practice of RTI in her district .Similarly, another participant KalpanaBiswakarma expressed her commitment to use this knowledge RTI during five day long training for the benefits of her community. 

JB Biswakarma, RTI project coordinator of UNESCO, had presented his working paper about the technical and financial support to promote RTI in Nepal as a project through NGOs.

In the closing ceremony of the training, Ram Prasad Thapaliya, CDO of District Administration Office, Makwanpur and BhojrajKhatiwada, LDO of District Development Committee, Makwanpur expressed their commitment to implement RTI law in the district smoothly.