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Solidarity for RTI Laws in Philippine


25 May, 2010 -

Mr. Dahal, as a panelist of the program, represented Nepal and highlighted the experience relating to implementation of recently enacted Right to Information Act in Nepal.


With May 10, 2010 election in Philippine, new government is supposed to take leadership. Before the government is formally turned over with new leadership, one crucial role is left for the government. Government of Philippine is yet to enact laws on Freedom of Information. As advocates of freedom of expression, of the press, and of information, we have been following closely the Philippine movement for the passage of the Freedom of Information Act.


Through the open letter, we would like to support the government and the Filipino people in their effort to pass the proposed Freedom of Information Act, as approved by  the bicameral conference committee of the Philippine Congress. This law will empower Filipino people to enjoy constitutionally guaranteed right and will promote good governance in Philippine. In addition, we firmly believe that this law will be a remarkable benchmark to establish Freedom of Information regime in the Southeast Asian region.


Open letter was sent to the government of Philippine on May 23, 2010. Please click here to view the letter.