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01 August, 2010 -

The Supreme Court has notified that all together 153 CCTV are installed at various courts in the Kathmandu valley. Maximum numbers of CCTI installed are 82 at Supreme Court whereas 37 CCTV are installed at the Appellate court and rests 34 are installed at District Court. Earlier, asking the information about CCTV, Adv. Santosh Sigdel from CCRI had filed an application to Supreme Court under the Right to Information Act, 2007. Since October 28, 2009 CCTV is being used at the Supreme Court.

Application was filed demanding various information in relation to CCTV. While hearing the application,  Information Officer, Mr. Bipul Neupane, in written form, has mentioned that the decision of installing CCTV at court premises were based on the directive of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in order to observe the functioning of various departments and security situation at the courts. Likewise, it was mentioned that the records of the CCTV are kept till a month and a separate server is developed to manage the records. Only Chief Justice and the registrar of the Supreme Court have access to it.

However, no clear guideline or operational manual for the operation of CCTV is developed so far. The Supreme Court also informed that they are working to develop such guideline or directive.

The issue of CCTV at public premises is closely related with the Right to privacy, a fundamental right guaranteed in the Constitution of Nepal. However there is no specific laws regulating that right in Nepal and operation of CCTV both in private and government sector is unregulated.