Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) will publish different resources on right to information and supplementary. You can download from the website or contact directly at our office for publications.

An Info-Sheet on Right to Know Day (RTKD) and Right to Information (RTI) has been published by CCRI on September 2011. It was published with the objectives of providing information to the public about RTI, its application and importance. The info-Sheet is written in very simple Nepali language which is easy to understand by general literate people.


The published Info-Sheet was massively distributed to the public through the "Help and Information Desk" established by CCRI on the occasion of the World Right to Know Day, September 28, 2011 at Baneshor, Kathamndu, Nepal. ...
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A "Information Dissemination Guidebook For Information Officers (IO)" has been published by CCRI on December 2010. The guidebook was written by Mr. Taranath Dahal and Mr. Santosh Sigdel and edited by Mr. Tanka Aryal. The guidebook was published with the objective of providing a self-help guidebook to the Information Officers so that they would know about the legal and practical aspects of right to information and information dissemination. The guidebook was developed since it was felt that the Information Officers' were not aware about the legal and technical aspects of the RTI and Informat...
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CCRI has launched a need assessment research report on effective implementation of Right to Information laws in Nepal. The report was launched on 19 August, 2010 to mark 3 years of implantation of Right to Information Act 2007 in Nepal.


Objective of the research was to identify the problems and assess the situation of implementation of RTI laws in Nepal. Though RTI is guaranteed by constitution as fundamental right and there is adequate legal protection, implementation situation is not satisfactory and criticized by every quarters.


This research...
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CCRI has published an informative brochure on Right to Information in September, 2010. The brochure contains information about the nature, scope and importance of right to information. Furthermore, it also contains procedures of obtaining information under the RTI laws of Nepal. The brochure is published in Nepali language, and in collaboration with the National Information Commission (NIC).

Brochure contains other aspects of Right to Information as well including exception, relation with other fundamental rights, procedure of appeal, cost required for obtaining information. One of ...
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Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) has recently published Right to Information Training Manual. The Manual is written by Tanka Raj Aryal and Nayan Bahadur Khadka. Considering inadequate implementation of RTI and lack of awareness amongst the users of RTI, this Manual is published to facilitate both, demand and supply side.


Along with CCRI, this publication is expected to be exploited by other organizations like National Information Commission, government agencies, Federation of Nepali Journalist and civil society. It assists as an important tool to pro...
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