Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) will publish different resources on right to information and supplementary. You can download from the website or contact directly at our office for publications.

CCRI has published Right to Information Handbook in Maithali language. Earlier, on 14 September, 2010 the second edition of Handbook was published in Nepali language. It is written by Mr. Santosh Sigdel and Mr. Taranath Dahal, Executive Director and Chairperson of CCRI, respectively. The Handbook is translated by Mr. Dharmendra Jha, President of Federation of Nepali Journalist. 


The translated edition aims to reach around 10% of total population of Nepal that speak Maithali language. The primary target of this edition is to capacitate the understanding of public ...
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CCRI has published the second edition of the Right to Information Handbook. Its earlier edition was published in April 2008. The revised version launched in late June is published with the financial support from Foundation Open Society Institute (OSI). The handbook is written by Mr. Santosh Sigdel and Mr. Taranath Dahal in Nepali language.


The aim of bringing this edition is to enrich the knowledge of public officials, concerned agencies and general public about the statutory provisions enabling them to exercise right to information. This edited version of handbook co...
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We have published 3 informative stickers for the wider public dissemination. These stickers contain three specific messages. Two stickers address the general public whereas the last one is designed with a request to the government officials for abiding with their duty to provide information.


The 3 stickers are published in Nepali language and simple language so as to make it more communicative and understandable to the general public. The content of the stickers are framed in a manner that it provides a glimpse of the right to information. These Stickers are extensive...
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We have published a poster on right to information. It contains basic information regarding right to information. It was published with the motives of raising awareness about right to information among general people. Further, it also contains message motivating public officials to fulfill duties by providing information held in public agencies.


The messages are based on the theme "Right to information: The source of knowledge, power and wealth", and is presented in different caption. The captions answer the following questions.

What is information and right to...
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Right to Information Handbook is the first publication of CCRI. It is written in Nepali medium. It was published in Baishak, 2065 (April, 2008). One thousand copies of hand book were published with the financial support of USAID. This handbook was published with an intention of empowering and motivating both the information holders and the information seekers in the campaign of right to information in Nepal. This handbook provides the basic knowledge subjected to the right to information. It helps to know about the basic legal provisions based on Right to Information Act 2064 (200...
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