RTI Hand Book


04 May, 2010 -

Right to Information Handbook is the first publication of CCRI. It is written in Nepali medium. It was published in Baishak, 2065 (April, 2008). One thousand copies of hand book were published with the financial support of USAID. 

This handbook was published with an intention of empowering and motivating both the information holders and the information seekers in the campaign of right to information in Nepal. This handbook provides the basic knowledge subjected to the right to information. It helps to know about the basic legal provisions based on Right to Information Act 2064 (2007). Similarly, it gives some ideas for information seekers about the procedure for accessing the information. CCRI hopes that this handbook will encourage the public agencies to flow the information as well as guide the curiosity of the citizens to seek the information. 

This handbook was written and edited by Mr. Taranath Dahal and Mr. Santosh Sigdel. 

Please view the full-text of RTI Handbook here:

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