RTI Pamphlet published


24 October, 2011 -

CCRI has published a Pamphlet on Right to Information. The pamphlet provides basic information on Right to Information laws of Nepal.  It has dealt the RTI issues on eight different heading.  Meaning, importance, public agencies, information update and disclosure, process of requesting information, limitation of Right to Information and sample of RTI application are major.


The Pamphlet was published on simple Nepali language.  This pamphlet describes very clear and simple manner about the process on RTI application.  It was massively distributed to the public through the "Help and Information Desk" established by CCRI on the occasion of the World Right to Know Day, September 28, 2011 at Baneshor, Kathamndu, Nepal.  The objectives of producing this pamphlet is to inform inspire and motivate general public to utilize Right to Information. CCRI has been distributing this Pamphlet to general public, stakeholders, journalist, NGOs, governmental officials etc.


 The 3000 copies of the pamphlet was published on September 2011 in collaboration with Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) 

Download: icons/pdf.gif