A Toolkit for Investigative Journalism


08 April, 2013 -

A Toolkit for Investigative Journalism” is the joint effort of Citizens’ Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) and Accountability Lab. It is developed to address the need of a useful resource for journalists to use Right to Information Laws strategically. There are many issues hidden and concealed by public agencies where it is really hard to get information even by journalist. To overcome from this problem journalists use different means or tools to investigate the case. Right to information is one of the most useful tools where journalist can use it to reveal information and to get credible information.


The Toolkit mainly covers the general understanding of Right to Information and its specific legal regime in Nepal. Additionally, principles and techniques on how RTI can be an effective tool for journalists, the forecasted problems that a journalist might encounter while using RTI and useful solutions for those problems, some successful examples of use of RTI and sample RTI Applications and Appeals are also included in this Toolkit. Similarly, very potential questions related to Right to Information and answers of those questions are written in a very comprehensive way under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We believe that the toolkit itself is self-explanatory to contribute the expertise among the journalists about the smart use of RTI in their journalistic profession.


In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of this toolkit, we are going to produce a translated version in Nepali language. Hence we humbly request the fellow journalist to go thoroughly the English version of this Toolkit and provide us with your constructive feedbacks and the scopes where necessary amendments or alterations could be made. Comments could be made at  rticampaign@gmail.com or aryaltanka@gmail.com.

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