21 June, 2010 -

We have published a poster on right to information. It contains basic information regarding right to information. It was published with the motives of raising awareness about right to information among general people. Further, it also contains message motivating public officials to fulfill duties by providing information held in public agencies.


The messages are based on the theme "Right to information: The source of knowledge, power and wealth", and is presented in different caption. The captions answer the following questions.

  • What is information and right to information?
  • Why is right to information important?
  • Whom to ask for information?
  • How to ask for infor mation?
  • What to do if information is not provided?


The language of the poster is very simple and easy that the general public can easily understand it and be aware of their right. These posters are widely disseminated across the country. Volunteers from CCRI have posted the poster in the premises of public agencies and other public places. Similarly, we have utilized other CSOs and networks for its wider circulation. The poster is designed and published with the financial support from the USAID/OTI.

Download: icons/pdf.gif