Assessment of RTI Compliance through the RTI Request Tracking in Nepal 2015

24 November, 2015 -

The current assignment has been carried out by Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) in coordination with its strategic partner organizations in different parts of country. 

This study reviews the compliance level of public agencies under RTI laws in recent times. For such a purpose, 1343 RTI applications were filed and monitored thoroughly in different district of Nepal. Further, information requesters have minutely observed the situation as it required to measure compliance level.

The assessment has strength that it was carried out in different districts, in different public agencies and on different subject matters. Considering the assessment methodology, we strongly believe that this assessment gives the scenario of compliance level and requires proper and appropriate attention and action from concerned stakeholders and agencies.

Click here for English version of the Report and click here for Nepali version of the report.