21 June, 2010 -

We have published 3 informative stickers for the wider public dissemination. These stickers contain three specific messages. Two stickers address the general public whereas the last one is designed with a request to the government officials for abiding with their duty to provide information.


The 3 stickers are published in Nepali language and simple language so as to make it more communicative and understandable to the general public. The content of the stickers are framed in a manner that it provides a glimpse of the right to information. These Stickers are extensively disseminated across the country. Volunteers and officials of CCRI have posted the stickers in the premises of public agencies, other public places and public vehicles. Similarly, we have utilized other CSOs and networks for its wid er circulation. The stickers are designed and published by CCRI in collaboration with National Information Commission. Financial support for this activity was received from ARTICLE 19.

Download: icons/pdf.gif