Second Edition of RTI Handbook Published


14 September, 2010 -

CCRI has published the second edition of the Right to Information Handbook. Its earlier edition was published in April 2008. The revised version launched in late June is published with the financial support from Foundation Open Society Institute (OSI). The handbook is written by Mr. Santosh Sigdel and Mr. Taranath Dahal in Nepali language.


The aim of bringing this edition is to enrich the knowledge of public officials, concerned agencies and general public about the statutory provisions enabling them to exercise right to information. This edited version of handbook covers various issues of RTI. This publication is based on the provisions of Right to Information Act, 2007 and Right to Information Regulation, 2009. It provides a wider framework on RTI for the application of RTI laws in Nepal.


Current edition of the handbook includes various thematic headings and based on those headings relevant chapters are developed. It also includes the bare Act and Regulation on Right to Information in its annex allowing its users to have in depth and procedural knowledge about RTI. The publication, 5000 copies in print, will be distributed among stakeholders, CSOs, NGOs, government officials, general public and will be used in the training programs of CCRI as resource material.

Download: icons/pdf.gif