RTI Handbook in Maithili Language Published


26 November, 2010 -

CCRI has published Right to Information Handbook in Maithali language. Earlier, on 14 September, 2010 the second edition of Handbook was published in Nepali language. It is written by Mr. Santosh Sigdel and Mr. Taranath Dahal, Executive Director and Chairperson of CCRI, respectively. The Handbook is translated by Mr. Dharmendra Jha, President of Federation of Nepali Journalist. 


The translated edition aims to reach around 10% of total population of Nepal that speak Maithali language. The primary target of this edition is to capacitate the understanding of public officials, concerned agencies and general public who speak and understand this language on RTI. CCRI aspires that this publication will promote RTI among the Maithali speaking population. 

Download: icons/pdf.gif