RTI Training Manual Published


26 November, 2010 -

Citizens' Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI) has recently published Right to Information Training Manual. The Manual is written by Tanka Raj Aryal and Nayan Bahadur Khadka. Considering inadequate implementation of RTI and lack of awareness amongst the users of RTI, this Manual is published to facilitate both, demand and supply side.


Along with CCRI, this publication is expected to be exploited by other organizations like National Information Commission, government agencies, Federation of Nepali Journalist and civil society. It assists as an important tool to provide in-depth knowledge to the RTI users; information officers, public officials, information seekers and civil society.


120-page Manual is written in Nepali language and 1000 copies are published, at present. There are eight chapters in the Manual which focuses on international practices on RTI, historical development of RTI in Nepal, implementing mechanisms of RTI. Furthermore, procedures for obtaining information, information management and protection, advocacy tools for RTI and, importance of RTI are the major aspects of the training manual.


Moreover, it also comprises annex chapters which consists of Right to Information Act and Regulation, application format while obtaining information for the public bodies and appeal format. This manual is published with the financial support of Foundation Open Society Institute.

Download: icons/pdf.gif