RTI Brochure Published


05 December, 2010 -

CCRI has published an informative brochure on Right to Information in September, 2010. The brochure contains information about the nature, scope and importance of right to information. Furthermore, it also contains procedures of obtaining information under the RTI laws of Nepal. The brochure is published in Nepali language, and in collaboration with the National Information Commission (NIC).

Brochure contains other aspects of Right to Information as well including exception, relation with other fundamental rights, procedure of appeal, cost required for obtaining information. One of the significant features of this brochure is model application format to demand information from public bodies.


This brochure is produced to aware general public and other stakeholders about the statutory provisions on Right to Information. Our goal is to inform, inspire and motivate general public to utilize Right to Information Act. CCRI has been distributing this brochure to general public, stakeholders, journalist, NGOs, governmental officials etc.


The brochure can be downloaded from this page and hard copies can be obtained from the CCRI Office.





Download: icons/pdf.gif