Research Report Launched


25 July, 2011 -

CCRI has launched a need assessment research report on effective implementation of Right to Information laws in Nepal. The report was launched on 19 August, 2010 to mark 3 years of implantation of Right to Information Act 2007 in Nepal.


Objective of the research was to identify the problems and assess the situation of implementation of RTI laws in Nepal. Though RTI is guaranteed by constitution as fundamental right and there is adequate legal protection, implementation situation is not satisfactory and criticized by every quarters.


This research is based on the interviews and informal discussion with concerned stakeholders and their reflection. Similarly, secondary data in the form of different reports were also analyzed.


The report shows lack of awareness on the demand side about RTI for proper utilization of the Right to Information Act. At the mean time there is no adequate management and support from the supply side, government is not supportive. The oversight body NIC is not proactive enough. Positive intervention from all three level/sector is essential, thus the report finds that there is long way to go for effective implementation of Right to Information Laws in Nepal.


Mr. Tanka Aryal Coordinated the research where Advocate Santosh Sigdel and Alok Pokharel contributed as researcher. Foundation Open Society Institute financially supported for this research.






Download: icons/pdf.gif