Information Dissemination Guidebook for Information Officers (IO) Published


25 August, 2011 -

A "Information Dissemination Guidebook For Information Officers (IO)" has been published by CCRI on December 2010. The guidebook was written by Mr. Taranath Dahal and Mr. Santosh Sigdel and edited by Mr. Tanka Aryal. The guidebook was published with the objective of providing a self-help guidebook to the Information Officers so that they would know about the legal and practical aspects of right to information and information dissemination. The guidebook was developed since it was felt that the Information Officers' were not aware about the legal and technical aspects of the RTI and Information Dissemination; and they were not provided with sufficient capacity building programs related with the RTI. 

Two thousand copies of the guidebook are published in Nepali language in its first edition. This 69 paged book consist of 12 chapters and two annexes; Right to Information Act 2064 and Right to Information Regulation 2065. This guide book provides very practical assistance on information management, information dissemination, proactive disclosure of information, Rights and duty of National information Commission, basic understanding of right to information and associated issues.

This is the first publication in the field as guide book for information dissemination for Information Officer, Thus' it is expected to be instrumental for effective implementation of Right to Information laws in Nepal.

This guidebook was published in financial assistance of Open Society Institute (OSI).  

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