Karnali Self-help Development Forum (KSDF)-Nepal

Karnali Self-Help Development Forum -Nepal (KSDF), a Non Governmental Organization founded in 2006, is concentrated in every facet of development which is associated to development of the Karnali region. KSDF contributes to the development process by conducting research, implementing effective programs to create environment through initiation, facilitation and coordination of activities and lobbying and advocating on Peace, Human rights, Constitutional issues, Good Governance, equitable development strategies and Rehabilitation of conflict victim in Karnali. The subsequent goal of the organization is to develop an integrated and sustainable development model suitable for Karnali. Most of the members involved in KSDF has been working in the field of local development initiative program, informal education, human rights and other awareness program since 1995. In 2006 KSDF was formally registered at District Administration Office (DAO) Kalikot, under the organization act 2034 B.S. The registration number of KSDF-Nepal at the District Administration Office is 134/063(2006) affiliation number with Social Welfare Council (SWC) is 21112/063 (2006). The organization has been also registered with Internal Revenue Office of Nepal Government with PAN No 302718672. KSDF is the one of the leading NGO at district level as well as in the overall Karnali Region. KSDF has committed to acquired tax and PAN certificate and regularly clearing its all tax liabilities duly in times as per Government of Nepal rules and regulations. Since its inception, KSDF advocated for the human rights, Woman education and holistic development of most isolated region like Karnali. KSDF has always stressed on development of economic status of most deprived people of Karnali especially conflict victim people. KSDF has its advisory committee represented by national development Expertise, Diplomats, Lawyers and development related social worker and Lecturer to strengthen its activities from the community level to national level. KSDF executive board is represented by Dalit, Women, socially backward people and community level politically neutral social worker. KSDF follows participatory approaches at all level of its functions. Mutual respect, proper delegation of authority and responsibility, transparency, accountability, quality and excellence and learning from success and failure are the core values of KSDF. Likewise gender sensitivity and good governance are the crosscutting working themes with the organization and the project activities. It strives to maintain diversity of gender and caste in its governance, management and projects.  

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Name: Mr. Khagendra Bhattarai
Phone: 9858051871
Email: khagendra.k15@gmail.com
Post: Program Co-ordinator


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