RTI Clinic Ganapur

24 April, 2015 -
An One-day Citizen Help Desk on RTI has been conducted in RTI Clinic at Piprahawa Chowk in Ganapur VDC of Banke. About 300 citizen took part in the program conducted jointly by IHRC Nepalgunj and Ganapur Information Right Group of Ganapur. In the program, "what is Right to Information, the use of RTI, Act on it, Law, Information those can be achieved from Public Offices/Authorities, remedy or the way-out if information not provided by some authorities etc were discussed and different audio and video were also demonstrated and played. At the same program Mr. Ram Surat Chauhan resident of Ganapur-9 sought information from VDC office of Ganapur for not providing Nepali Citizenship for him by the time his age 45 years. Mr. Chauhan immediately made us write an application and got it registered at VDC office of Ganapur. Likely, a dozen of applications were prepared for asking information in different topics with VDC, Sub-health post office and different industries.