Orientation Program Of VDC Level at Ganapur

20 May, 2015 -
A campaign for providing awareness on Right to Information has been initiated to the rural citizen .This campaign has been started =This campaign has been initiated to conform the Right to Information to public line agencies to know about governance, transparency and many other information available. IHRC conducted a One Day Orientation in Ganapur VDC of Banke district on October 29, 2014. There was presence of about 80 persons who were youths, women, user's group members from Ganapur, Samshergunj and Belahari VDC in the orientation program. Different topics on Right to Information were facilitated by Mr. Bishwajeet Tiwari along with Rakesh Kumar Mishra during the orientation program. About a dozen of applications for asking information were prepared for offices like VDC Office, Health-posts and others.